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  1. All membership dues must be paid and membership approved by the CLUB Members at the CLUB meetings prior to fishing the tournament.

  2. Annual dues are $20.00 and the tournament entry fee is $25.00. ($5.00 goes toward the Big Bass Pot for that tournament)

  3. All State and Federal Laws and Texas Parks and Wildlife Regulations shall apply at all times.

  4. First time offenders, for a given year, will receive a verbal warning.

  5. Second time offenders will be disqualified from the tournament where the second offense occured.

  6. A person may fish a tournament ,as a guest, 1 (One) time only. Then they must join the Club to fish with the Club again. If a Guest places in the tournament $20 will be deduced from your winnings and you will automatically become a member of the CLUB.

  7. Only Largemouth, Smallmouth and Kentucky Bass will be weighted in at the CLUB tournaments.

  8. All bass must be caught on artificial bait, no live/dead bait can be used. You must fish by casting. No trolling allowed.

  9. A Member or Guest must weight his/her bass only. You can not weight a bass caught by someone else as your own. If you are caught doing so, you and the person that gave you the bass, will be disqualified from the tournament and possibly face being expelled from the CLUB.

  10. All bass will be in a live well at all times. No bass that has been on ice will be weighted. All bass brought to the weight-In must be in a water holding container.

  11. Strings will consist of a 3 Bass limit.

  12. The mouth of the bass, when measured , must be closed and touching the end of the CLUBs "CHECK IT STICK" and must match the Texas Parks and Wildlife Regulations for the lake the tournament is being fished on.

  13. Any Member or Guest can win only one place per tournament. Any place, not paid out, will be retained for the Classic Tournament Fund for that year.

  14. Dead Bass will be weighted, but a 1/2 lb. (Haft Pound) deduction will be made from the weight of the dead bass. No bass will be weighted unless gills are red or pink.

  15. Tournament times will begin/end at the specified time voted on at the club meeting, unless the Tournament Director deems it necessary to change the times for any given tournament. Members and Guest must be in the weight-in line by the end time of the tournament or face disqualification from the tournament.

  16. Tournament Director will hold an open discussion on each lake, written-in, at the monthly meeting. The lakes will then be voted on to select the lake for the following Sunday's tournament. Lakes must be within 150 miles from where the meetings are held; Spring Creek BBQ, Lake Worth, Tx. ***Members who prepay for the tournament at the meeting will be the only ones to vote in a lake***.

  17. All fishing must be done while in the boat. If you leave your boat for any reason, you must have lines and pole down. If you exit your boat, you cannot continue fishing until you are back in your boat.

  18. Any Member or Guest leaving the tournament, before the weight-in, must notify the Tournament Director or a fellow Member and, if not done in advance, pay the tournament fee.

  19. ***We urge everyone to use safety during tournaments. With that being said, it is strongly suggested you wear your life jacket while the big motor is running. Trophy Bass Club is not responsible for any accidents or injuries sustained during a tournament.

  20. Any protest must be given, in writing, to the Tournament Director at least 15 minutes prior to the announcing of the tournaments results.

Awarding of Prizes & Point System

Payouts for the Tournament:

1st. Place Heavy Stringer: 50% of the total payout.
2nd. Place Heavy Stringer: 30% of the total payout.
3rd. Place Heavy Stringer: 20% of the total payout.

Big Bass: The biggest Bass of the tournament. (Each Member or Guest, pays $5.00, within their tournament fee, for the Big Bass Pot). The amount of Members and Guest fishing the tournament determines the amount paid out.

The Point System:

10 - Points for attending and signing-in at the monthly meeting.
100 Points for 1st. Place Heavy Stringer.
99 Points for 2nd. Place Heavy Stringer.
98 Points for 3rd. Place Heavy Stringer.
97 Points for 4th. Place Heavy Stringer.
96 Points for 5th. Place Heavy Stringer.
ECT............ (weight of Bass will not be included)

*Any Member or Guest who does not weigh a Bass will receive 10 points under the last weighted stringer. (ie; Last stringer weighted received 96 points, anyone not catching a bass in the tournament would receive 86 points).

In case of a tie, the tied place, and the next lowest place, will be combined and split equally between the two contestants. (ie; Tied for 1st., 1st. & 2nd. combined and split equally, then 3rd. place paid to the next heavier stringer).

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